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Residential Claims

As your voice, we go further. Some of our Services are listed below.

We confidentially maintain all necessary personal data and business records that we collect. This is only shared with the Insurer to the extent that you are required to do so by contract.

We analyze the policy, including all policy wordings that are made available. We discuss our findings directly with you.

We often introduce (where necessary) additional team members to assist in the assessment of insured loss and the quantification of that insured loss. This includes engaging forensic experts to establish the cause of loss should that be a matter of a coverage dispute.

We oversee and coordinate the Team; the focus is to efficiently establish all the insured damage and put a number to the claimable losses.

We directly engage and work together with Insurance Company Vendors where they and/or their task to be performed is appropriate for your sustained losses.

We introduce other vendors if the Insurance Company’s Vendor is not ideal for your needs.

We negotiate your claim; it is not settled until we have your written settlement authority (a Proof of Loss or other.)

We prepare your Proofs of Loss forms.

We can refer you to Counsel where we deem it appropriate.

When the insured scope of work and/or the value of the insured scope of damage cannot be negotiated, then we escalate the file to Dispute Resolution or Appraisal. (When agreement is not attainable, the statute (the law) compels you to use this method. This is good, and it is to your advantage, as this process is years quicker than the litigation system.)

If a file goes into Dispute Resolution…

You and they must each hire someone, at your own cost.

We are your Representative; our commission structure does not charge you an hourly fee, even when we assume the role as your Representative.