Builder’s Risk/Course of Construction; Energy and Industrial Claims

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Builder’s Risk/Course of Construction; Industrial & Energy Claims

Some of our additional Services are listed below. We will:

Review and analyze:

Attend site meetings in relation to origin & cause investigations, extent of damage analysis, and operations relating to repair of insured damages.

Attend key meetings and speaking to inform important stakeholders; this list includes Lenders, Owners, Insurers, and any or all their legal teams.

In the case of environmental conditions and potential hazards, we introduce firms with a strong history of responding to the current environmental conditions that have occurred (or could arise) as a direct result of this insured loss.

Ensure the Team members maintain clear and open channels of timely communications with governing entities (as the specific file necessitates) including with key representatives such as the local SCO or other AHJ.

Make appropriate recommendations to you using specific policy endorsements that are available, yet often unused. This includes our ensuring that the Insurer does not incorrectly make use of the policy endorsements that are available to you.