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Commercial & Multi-Family Claims & Institutions

Some of our additional Services are listed below. We will:

Review and analyze:

Attend necessary meetings to speak and inform key stakeholders, investors, and other similar meetings including general assemblies of the Owners and Tenants.

Assist in creating a process for coordinating with other occupants’ insurance representatives.

When required, introduce firms that are adept at the construction of these forms of risks. These firms should be familiar with the navigation of insurance claims.

This list of firms includes design professionals who will address codes, bylaws, and/or changes in design, and they may speak to any requirements deemed necessary by the local authorities having jurisdiction.

Maintain clear and open channels of timely communications with governing entities (as the specific file necessitates) including key representatives for the following:
Make appropriate recommendations using specific policy endorsements that are available, yet often unused. This includes correcting the Insurance Company where they incorrectly make use of policy endorsements that are available to you.