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5 Step Process (for any insurance claim)
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Condominium Corporations / Stratas
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Unparalleled expertise.
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Welcome to Hansen Adjusting Solutions


Our insurance claim adjusting history is unparalleled. We've led teams to successfully address challenges on losses ranging from the 100's of thousands to the 100's of millions of dollars.

Often, we pinpoint policy coverage that clients were unaware they were entitled to.

We are renowned in insurance claim adjusting for finding solutions when others believed none existed.

Our notable successes stem from our robust professional relationships. We structure teams uniquely for each claim, with hand-picked members who resonate with our goals and core values. Our claims teams harmoniously work with a synergy driving superior outcomes for our clients.
$ 500 M
Adjusted since 2013
+ 98 %
Success Rate
100 s
Of satisfied customers
34 +
Years in Industry

Second to none knowledge and experience in Insurance Claim Adjusting

Respected professionals in the industry

Claims Evaluation Process

We navigate your claim for you through 5 steps:

Professional Assessment

of policy coverages and the scope of insured damages.


of appropriate expert team members


and confirmation of the quantum of the insured damage

Direct Engagement

with the Insurer and the vendors that they have contracts with


by way of direct negotiation or by Dispute Resolution (Appraisal)
After our initial consultation, we exclusively communicate to your Insurer. Your authorization to settle remains in place; we confirm our recommended proposals with you prior to our finalizing any settlement.

Be certain.
Tell us about your insurance claim.

Your comments remain forever confidential between us. We will reach out to you and set up a Free Consultation (generally 15 minutes up to 1 hour) if we find there is a potential for our services to add value to your insurance claim.
Note: We are unable to answer specific insurance-related claim questions unless we have first reviewed your policy and your loss details.
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